What is a labour hire company?

The recruitment process can be very intensive. Screening and interviewing employees and finding the right candidate can be a long and tiresome process. But there’s a simple process to get the right candidate, that’s where the labour-hire companies come in.

Labour hire companies supply employees on a “hire” basis. And they receive fees in exchange for supplying candidates. Which is different from the traditional recruitment process wherein there is a direct relationship between the employer and employee. 

Here, employees are only contractual and is flexible and convenient for businesses. 

The employees provided to a company are NOT on their payroll. So, everything - from wages and tax to superannuation, is handled by the labour-hire company.  

It offers various benefits to both employers and employees. 

5 ways in which a good labour hire company can help your business

  1. Hire qualified candidates faster - Labour hire companies have an extensive database of skilled employees. The candidates are screened to ensure an exact fit for the job positions. Plus the candidates will have the required skills, licenses and certifications to undertake the specific role required. You don’t have to worry about verifying the candidates’ qualifications, everything is handled by labour-hire company. This also shortens the recruitment process and saves you valuable time and resources.
  2. Reduced costs - Using a good labour hire company can lower your recruitment costs as you don’t have to spend extensive time and money on finding the candidates. In addition, the payroll is handled by the labour-hire companies so if you want to hire employees for a day or long-term, you can do it easily. This ensures you have increased flexibility and no commitment to keep the employees if you cannot afford to or projects finish. You simply handle paying the agency and they manage the rest for you.
  3. Extensive network - The labour-hire companies have a vast network of candidates, and good relationships with candidates. So if you want a position filled immediately, they can do it immediately. This flexibility eases a lot of pressure as you get thoroughly vetted, qualified and talented candidates as soon as you need them.
  4. Experience - Labour hire companies have extensive knowledge of a huge range of industries and of the relevant skill-sets sought by each one. Their vast experience and knowledge enable businesses to get the best candidates quickly. 
  5. Convenience - For startups and small businesses who don't have an in-house HR team, the recruitment process can be challenging. But with the help of labour-hire companies they can get qualified candidates at a fraction of the cost and time invested. 

4 ways in which labour-hire company can help employees succeed

  1. The labour-hire companies usually have plenty of work - casual or full time - for candidates seeking work. 
  2. Job seekers with the right attitude can learn and up-skill themselves. They can get vast experience in different roles and a chance to hone their skills. Moreover, they can be requested back for more work, increasing job opportunities. 
  3. Recruitment consultants have extensive knowledge of the industry and can guide candidates to find jobs best suited to them. 
  4. You can get a shot at finding the job you love by working for different clients for a variety of projects.

What makes a labour-hire company great?

  1. They offer extensive support and industry expertise for businesses. They check-in regularly with employers to ensure the candidates are working well and provide 24/7 service to make sure you have the right people for the job.
  2. A great labour-hire company is reliable and can provide staffing solutions on time. 
  3. They not only fill the job vacancies but they have a high retention rate.
  4. Their screening process is thorough and the candidates meet the needs of the employers. 
  5. They focus on effective communication and building meaningful relationships to understand the company culture and finding the right candidates for the jobs.
  6. They are registered with the relevant government authority and adhere to the labour laws and regulations.

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